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John Guarnes Collection explores new market by collaborating with Sci-Fi Author Renato Tranquilino

John Guarnes and the models

Photos by Jun Muga

Manila, Philippines – In a groundbreaking move, the prestigious fashion house John Guarnes Collection (JGC) is venturing into an innovative partnership by supporting acclaimed Filipino science fiction author Renato Tranquilino. JGC will provide Tranquilino with exclusive designs for his key promotional events, highlighting his novels published by 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing.


Sci-fi author Renato Tranquilino

John Guarnes, the visionary behind JGC, has been a stalwart in the fashion industry since the 1990s. Renowned for theatre and costume designs, Guarnes has dressed celebrities since the 1990s. Since then, his creations have graced Australian fashion stores, marking his international appeal.

Guarnes’ latest collection draws inspiration from Tranquilino’s science fiction masterpiece, “Fate of Distant Future,” and debuted to rave reviews at the Manila International Fashion Week 2024. This collection, embodying futuristic and imaginative elements, was notably featured on Kubokoya, a US-based site for Spanish-speaking audiences, in collaboration with the emerging US sportswear company JDLINO.

“I’m thrilled to merge the worlds of high fashion and literary arts,” said Guarnes. “Renato Tranquilino’s novels have a visionary quality that resonates with my designs. This partnership allows us to explore new avenues and reach diverse audiences.”

Marjorie Renner

This strategic collaboration aims to expand JGC’s global footprint by tapping into the literary community, particularly fans of Tranquilino’s work. Guarnes’ designs, traditionally showcased on high-profile celebrities and runways, will now be seen in everyday settings, worn by Tranquilino during his book tours and festivals. This innovative approach bridges the gap between haute couture and daily wear, making high fashion more accessible and relatable.

Tranquilino, whose novels have garnered a significant following, expressed his excitement about the partnership. “Wearing John Guarnes’ designs adds a new dimension to my promotional events. It’s a unique fusion of storytelling and style that will captivate readers and fashion enthusiasts.”

With this collaboration, JGC aims to leverage Tranquilino’s growing success to enhance its brand visibility and appeal. The integration of fashion into the literary scene represents a bold step in diversifying JGC’s market presence and engaging with new demographics.

For details about Renato Tranquilino’s novels and upcoming events, visit

John Guarnes and author Renato Tranquilino

About the photographer
Photographer Jun Muga writes:
“Capturing stunning creations is very interesting to me, be it conceptual, high fashion or editorial. Collaboration with designers and models are so much fun and entertaining. The experience of fashion photography that we’ll go through is educational, a process that also adds value to ourselves. I believe that Designer’s Collections are vital and I see to it that the details, creativity and intricate creations must prevail without compromising the beauty of the models or the touch of the glam team.

There are other more interesting genres in photography, such as street, prenup, events and so on, in which I am also fond, and it gives me so much excitement. I also love joining networks of photographers and shooting buddies to enhance my skills.

I love working with people who are interested in the same work I produce. Communication is very essential in establishing rapport and mutual understanding is very important in achieving a concept.”


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