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HORING MY MOTHER | Without further ado on December

I am again quoting King Théoden’s immortal line, “so it begins” because ‘tis the season to be jolly’ once again (if only in a manner of speaking for others) despite all that we have gone through. On the other hand, one could also say it’s official folks; as it’s a far cry from the shoutout by Jose Mari C. during the onset of the ‘ber’ months.

Now, while this might just be another one of those year-ends for some people, I’m betting, it will be extra special for many, my family included. For us and the clan, this is going to be the first Christmas without our father and the second Christmas without our eldest brother, whose birthday happens to fall on Christmas Day. 

As it is, after being finally free from a two-year sentence and then having to cope with our own personal losses, the advent of December and Christmas this year pretty much feels like a grey area. In a sense, there still remains a feel of ambivalence as in how do I proceed?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our high school batch, which celebrated our golden anniversary last year, will likewise fondly remember the six among us who have also passed on this year. As a classmate gasps, and the year is not even over yet, the more stoic ones among us merely shrugs; life goes on. So, move on we all must, or trudge on, whatever. Kapit lang might as well be the slogan of the day.

On the whole, I guess it is only natural that moments such as year-ends or the beginning of December, bring out in everyone a sense of pause and remembering of what had transpired since the start of the year. Let it be known that 2020, when compared to the two years previous to it, may have indeed been better and more forgiving, considering that it was at this time when we have finally broken free from the grasp of the pandemic and gradually lessened covid deaths, thanks to massive immunization. 

At a time when most thought we couldn’t recover, this year indeed offered us with a ray of sunshine. As a friend had said, despite all the losses, I’ll take it, even grudgingly. After all, the dark days would have continued on, who knows when. This year 2020, for a lot of people, has brought normalcy back in their lives

So without further ado, let us welcome December in the new light it deserves. I recall two decembers ago, I could not even imagine how to look this far ahead. And while I still have a lot of friends who till this moment, refuse to come out of seclusion, I respect that. If two years of seclusion have taught us anything, it is the idea that family comes first .


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