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Honoring My Mother | You can’t always get what you want

If ever modern-day alternat-tivists were to come out with a sigil to complement their battle cries, they should at least, embolden it with the fitting motto: somewhere between the vicinity of whine and moan, whine and moan. Magnified in social media, but even given a wider coverage on print, this seems to be the most common cry of the times indeed (pun intended). Alas, we have all become like bawling babies when things do not go our way.

One glaring example of this is the endless voices of dissatisfaction with the results of the just-recently concluded Philippine elections. Losers and their supporters have become particularly adept at this, as if to say, anyone who had emerged victorious was not anywhere near worthy and the people that chose them were either misinformed, paid hacks or worse, people of low intelligence.

In the old days before internet, one could only hear about these kinds of rants cum trash talk in private discussions or in street meets. With the immense coverage made possible by the web, the small talks have become like fodder, and each voice has now been given megaphones, with volume control missing.

Alas, nasty doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Everyone, at any time, has tasted defeat, and more important, being cheated on of something, especially on the personal level. Now provided with a readily available platform and the democracy to gripe before a larger audience, venting of one’s frustrations has indeed bloomed like wildflower, and it is in season. Needless to say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but being entitled also entails a certain degree of responsibility.

On a lighter subject, recent opinions on movies and television shows have likewise brought about a lively banter between avid viewers and critics alike. Feeds on all media teemed with what-ifs and suggested alternatives, as if to proclaim that their views matter. Fans matter. Sad fact is, authors, writers and artists still have sole ownership of their work, and however crazy one becomes against their outputs, it will all amount to nothing.

Finally, let it be clear that protesting against any outcome opposite your side of the fence, is still your undeniable right and privilege. Ranting is also, along with mass actions, petitions and rallies. However, as we say in the house, knee-jerk chatter is nothing but noise and wasted saliva, so make it rational, if not intelligent. For those who have fallen from their towers, the past always catches up and it is never too late to take those band-aids off and realize that it is not every day that the bull loses to the matador. On the matter of the movie and TV keyboard pushers, keep it up, be bold and funny without being unrespectful. After all, it’s just entertainment. Reality is still much scarier.
As the Red witch says, the night is dark and full of terrors.


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