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HONORING MY MOTHER | This halloween bruha-ha

This nation is going gaga at the moment. One notes that even before the pandemic (which was the scare of all scares), there would always be horror film marathons on cable, equivalent scaredy movie festivals at cinemas and who would forget…kids, pets and adults going around in all sorts of costumes and going trick or treating at every store in the malls who celebrate the 31st of October. All these back and it’s as though they never left.

Perhaps second only to the yuletide season, this has got to be the most celebrated time here and in many parts of the world. Here of late, BPO workers in Halloween costumes do cosplays hoping to win huge prizes and a trip to who-knows-where. Offices are doing the same. Everywhere one turns, bats and skeletons, zombies, mummies, ghosts and vampires, are having their five-minute walk of fame, which, if one’s interested to know, is equivalent to a few happy hours.

Truth be told, this wasn’t even celebrated in the country a few generations ago. In comparison, westerners have been exposed to this festivity in their own lands since they were children. During some chat with other homie boomers, seeing us celebrate Hallows Eve has been both a welcome and an oddity to them. The reason for some; their grandchildren can’t get enough of it so that’s reason enough for them, so they look forward to it. Some jaded ones see it as a means by which businesses take advantage of the celebration… but come to think of it, isn’t that the point of doing business in the first place? Striking while the iron is there?

Likewise, the parents of new gens celebrate it, not for themselves, but for their young and their grandchildren. Whether business takes advantage of Halloween or not, they’re going to spend extra for candles, flowers and the celebrations on the 1st and second of November anyway. So, what gives, do it for the children.

Really, what’s the fuzz and buzz all about? I read somewhere that some people of the cloth have begun to criticize this occasion, and going as far as branding it a non-Christian practice and satanic at that. Engines hot, locomotive’s running, try stopping it in its tracks. I’ve a few friends donning the white collar, do they see it as a threat? I wonder. Does Rome even have anything official to say on the matter, I wonder again.

As for the satanic part, Halloween is only one day. Our Christmas season in the Philippines is celebrated for three months. But the war raging presently in Gaza killing women and children, how long is that already and more important, doesn’t that count as satanic. A friend just posted yesterday. One cannot build a holy land on the mass graves of children. So, Halloween that.


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