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Honoring My Mother | The Shapeshifters In Us All

WHILE I still have to see if we’ve an accurate percentage of how many in the population today engage in social media, by the looks of it, that may invariably be a lot. In our case, why else in the midst of quarantine would the mode of teaching conveniently shift to the virtual world of the internet if it were not so vastly available? True, most of our daily activities outside the home may now have suddenly dwindled as a result of social distancing and quarantine protocols. Still, the onset of mobile phones and the internet have made not only communication so easily-available, it has likewise reformatted how we deal with our surroundings for either business or otherwise despite the threat of Covid.

These pandemic-related limitations may have forced our hand to seek alternatives yet in a way, with what had already been available (such as you guessed it, internet), there still are some good that could be had of it. For one, it just proves that necessity must really be the mother of innovation, or something like that. So, in this time of quarantine, it has become quite common for all to engage in activities like board and online games, keeping fit, cooking, gardening, internet shopping, or just seeking out someone to talk to on the web, all at more than arm’s length.

And with regard to the latter, social media may perhaps be the only venue nowadays where we could readily get in touch with all of our friends, some of whom we have not seen in a very long time, say since grade school. By today’s terms, ‘getting in touch’, could mean seeing how they look today in real time, although I know a few who still refuse to give in to tech, relying on text and voice calls as their norm.

An important thing to remember though. Because of the longest time that had lapsed since you may have last seen each other, possibilities exist that you could pass each other in the street and not recognize each other. At this, I have finally found a solution for those in a quandary whenever an unknown face suddenly pops up in your Friend Request. Ask them to at least sneak in a picture of themselves during that time you two were actively in touch. Better yet, have them post a pic of both of you together. Surely, that would eliminate the so-called posers and face thieves altogether, especially if your profile is quite popular, as in, police mug shot popular. In a sense, the quarantine at home had become quite a busy time for my batch of vulnerable seniors to suddenly engage in “seek” missions online. Name recall might prove easy, but the facial recognition app in this ancient may be, it today’s term, already corrupted and out of date.


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