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Honoring my Mother | The parable of the fence

The reasons are endless. A barrier exists, polarizing the land neatly, spanning north to south, east to west. Despite this, people still go about their lives, content in the nationalistic fable that we are one people.

While on one hand, some reside within the confines of these unseen fences, proudly bannering their provincialism, there are others who sit contentedly on the fences, their perceived neutral refuge and cocoon swaying against the ruckus of everything below them. Completing this merry mix are the well-meaning members who merely strive to live decently regardless of the barriers before them.

This might as well be one grim description of what we are at present, a nation’s psyche fragmented throughout its history by cultural, religious and political influences, then further strengthened by our archipelagic divide.

If one were to reflect on, say the last forty tears, it generally has all been nothing but a dog-eat-dog affair, at the expense of the lay walled in behind the barriers. While the political arena witnessed an endless jostling for control and power over economic gains, the same could be said on the cultural scene where, for one, subjugation and marginalization of less dominant peoples continued behind the headlines. All these spread thinly with deception by paid media, the effective channel of a dominant culture.

It’s this divide-and-conquer tactic that’s killing us as a people. Lest we wake up from this, we continually play into the cards dealt us.

Talking of alternatives, it’s quite understandable that others espouse a drastic erasure of the blackboard to solve this predicament, but simply put, that’s just their agenda put above that of the others. How about we strengthen these fences, create real borders, and mind our own business altogether? Let us just not forget to pay rent (or bedspace) to the national landlord or lady. Surely federalism will have its good points in the longer run. But then, I’m pretty sure all the other political forces out there (excluding the churches) have a much better idea.

In the end, let us just stop with all this senseless hating and regionalistic egoism and practice real empathy devoid of religious and mothership ek. Finally, if this rant is too dark enough for you, sorry. Convince me otherwise.


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