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Honoring my Mother | That first day

I remember a song back in college that talked about ‘today as being the very first day of the rest of your life.’ It might have been very popular back then, but understandably these days, it only gets air time (and rarely at that) on AM frequency radio stations, usually on Sundays, and over some retro programs that still play old tunes. That is just too sad.

Inasmuch as I never really listened to popular tunes in the old days, opting instead to hear foreign protest folk songs (and rock) which I and my younger brother preferred, I still caught bits of old pops from time to time. One can’t help it, they were 24-7 over the airwaves. That particular song however, held a special tug at the heart for me (or “hugot” as they call it today) because of what it conveyed, which was to never lose hope. The lyrics of other popular songs of the day were just choo choo wariwap.

FYI, “hugot” songs, especially for this sentimental fool, is important as comfort food. I also know that for many others, it is the vital chip that serves as inspiration in any kind of endeavor, be it in writing, all of the arts, and even in just plainly expressing oneself to others, with the latter possibly winning you the official label of “senti”.

Now back to that song. Adapting the positivist attitude of treating every single day as a new beginning cannot be more relevant than today. In whatever life circumstance, its suggested message applies to any situation, like an easy DIY.

Take the case of the constant whining about “moving on” by people on social media today. I suggest treating each day as it comes, and not pile up on the negatives. This would mean allowing and being open to new perspectives each time.

With time-travel still an impossible dream, it is a waste of time pondering the what-ifs, as in wishing that one could change the past. The only option available in changing the past is to be able to improve on it here in the present.

I once read a tattoo on somebody’s arm that read: Fall back seven, rise up eight. Believe fully that you deserve better. That perhaps, is the only closure you will ever need to get through each day.


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