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HONORING MY MOTHER | Shades of freud

By Icoy San Pedro

LOOKING back at my articles done within the last two years, I found out that at least seventy percent of these had been about Covid and how we have fared under the said pandemic. No surprise, even though I’ve struggled to veer my mind away from it, that had become everybody’s reality. The topics I really loved to write about, mostly dealing with the old days involving growing up in Ponciano and family life, have unfortunately taken second billing. Then finally, inasmuch as I had wanted to avoid the subject of politics, I must have dipped my fingers at least one or two times, not really being able to help it. How else could I resist, especially now being an election year, with a lot of clowns roaming about, proving to be a welcome respite from covid and anti-vax sentiments?

Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that the very first topics I have written about since I began in 2017, had been a merry mix. These mostly had been themes I really loved to write about, plus other topics where I wanted to playfully inject with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Being fun years, both musically and write-wise, this pre-covid era and its themes had thus become for me, my “new” good old days. So there, a short recap on all the articles I have dumped so far in your lap, hopefully for your enjoyment. Or not.

Going back to that main bulk that filled this space I have dedicated to honoring my mom, it seems that the pandemic is finally on the wane. However, despite our overly eager and spirited opening up of the economy and for that matter, everyone’s doors to this new normal, not much advice has been given as to how we should actually proceed. Where are we now in the Covid timeline? One source,, had placed the country as 26th in the world in terms of reported cases and deaths by country or territory. As of March 13, we are behind the top 10: USA, India, Brazil, France, UK, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Spain. 

Truth be told, considering that we are now faced with new threats, where do these stats lie in our priorities? The reality here on native soil now seems to be to set aside first the concerns of the rest of the world in favor of facing what’s presently affecting us: the rise of oil prices and the connected threat of consumer good prices from shooting up the ceiling too, presumably due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. But is there anything we can do at all? 

Already, I have heard of some who have slowly begun to store up on supplies (and gas), yet surely, not all can afford that path. Some put their faith in their preferred candidates in May’s elections, although it’s still unknown what exactly will these people deliver. Of course, there are always prayers and there’s leaning on fate. For the rest, ‘the answer my friends is blowing in the wind’. One thing is certain, like a booster shot, the remedy should be quick. 


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