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HONORING MY MOTHER | Giving the one benefit of the dance

By Icoy San Pedro

A long, long time ago, a bald-headed man named Plato was credited to have written: “Reality is created by the mind (but) we can change our reality by changing our minds.” Of course, while there is indeed a real world out there that we can touch, smell and see, how we interpret reality in relation to ourselves and how it serves our needs, are likewise important matters. As such, I am inclined to believe this was what the old guy actually meant. I pose this now in relation to the already-disturbing number of disseminated information via writeups I have read about aspiring candidates, their accomplishments, the government and the present state of affairs we find ourselves in today. 

While I have said long ago that I would refrain from reading information materials related to the coming political exercise, what’s one got to do? In terms of subject choices, there’s not so much out there I find interesting. Or funny. Besides, many might not believe it, but I genuinely want to know the candidates first before I cast my vote on election day. 

I kid you not, the quote by Plato at the beginning came in on my feed, from out of left field as I was reading an article sent by one of my former high school classmates-suddenly-turned-political-analyst SP. (That’s self-proclaimed, if I had a go at it.)  

The content of the said white paper enumerated the list of accomplishments by one political aspirant while at the same time juxtaposing these with accomplished projects done by the present government. Fake information or not, I wasn’t looking at it from that end. If I wished, I could fact-check it later or even point it out if I wanted to. What actually struck me about the presentation was the intentional downplaying of all the already-built infrastructure development all over the country, as if to hint that these were lacking and not really important. 

I have only to look at one tangible reality; the changes in and around Davao City in a six-year period and ask how can one diminish those as a sign of non-performance? My guess is, lightly that must be what Plato meant when he said when you change your mind, you change reality. If one thinks hard enough that something does not exist, one will eventually believe later that there is really nothing there.

In a brief chat with a young mind recently regarding the dynamics of choosing a candidate, I said that, if one can help it, at least choose someone who already has a track record of sorts and not merely rely on their popularity and pogi points. Always look for physical accomplishments when you can and remember, these should pull weight over mere promises. In the end, I added, never be swayed by propaganda. That may be a real thing in itself but what it promises is still to come.



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