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Honoring My Mother | Digital Lullaby

Last night I fell asleep with the electric fan pointed directly at my face, a realization that I guess accounted for a feverish feel upon waking up. It’s all good though; this is nothing that burying your head in a soft pillow won’t cure. To go back to dreaming again.

Really, the sensation of feeling too cold (especially with a fan in your face) is a sure formula for messing up with one’s private dreamland. In my disturbed slumber (Part 2), the heated neighborhood conversations on KAPA of the night before, have meshed with surreal screams of the bratboy next door, with the Andy Warhol-ish tangerine electric fan and Jiminy crickets providing the soundtrack. Sooo not easy trying to wake up to a good morning in this, my Philippines.

One final ingredient in my dreamcake? The quizzingly have-you-read-this look of our editor, as she talked of teachers requiring kids to use social media for their school assignments. Now, this real news folkies, but, the nerve, it has invaded my personal dreamscape and i am suddenly wide-eyed and awake. Woke?

Seriously, I have a lot to say about mis-education, but this one tops it all. Everyone knows about teachers playing responsible surrogate-parent roles in school, but it really makes one wonder, ARE THEY REALLY EDUCATED THEMSELVES?

The internet is a minefield where real predators abound, not those dreadlocked alien hunters of cinema mind you, but the raping, killing, pedophiles who prey on kids in social media. Teachers, of all people should know this. I strongly believe all parents should rally behind the legal ban of this practice by erring elementary and high school teachers.

Sorry for this rant, as it is not the usual fare. Just one of the darker side streets I happened to stumble across. It is really scary out there and we should look out for the kids. Are you awake yet?


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