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HONORING MY MOTHER | Bursting each other’s Bubble

FOR many people nowadays (although it may depend on which part of this jungle you are in), the belief in the effectiveness of vaccines has almost become too religious a practice. That could be because, as can be gleaned from history, vaccines have been very instrumental in the cure of many of the world’s ills and we have grown up with that knowledge. 

Through news and other reports, journals, existing statistical data and articles, we have come to know that the science behind vaccines works and as such, the times we live in now, have become much safer than that of fifty or more than a hundred years ago. 

On the other hand, there are also those who do not believe in vaccines at all. Especially in the very ones that have been developed against coronavirus at the present time. 

Incidentally,  these people have a set of beliefs too, in contrast with those of the ones who do, and they treat these with religious respect too . They likewise have statistical data to support their claims and are in possession of testimonies and reports which say why vaccines like Moderna and all its other kindred do not work at all. 

Two opposing parties, with two sets of beliefs and proofs. Both insisting on each other’s claim to the truth, with no end in sight. How I often wish this were a just a simple case of one canceling out the other (in a hyperbolic way, that is), but truth be told, this isn’t even really a form of a standoff at all, or is it? Through it all, this isn’t even a case similar to that college poser about an immovable object meeting with an irresistible force. Yet, if only this whole coronavirus tragedy does not involve human lives and our survival as a specie, then, why not, yes, cancel.

Despite everything , it is still good to note that with Level Three here and all other  worse scenarios happening or repeating itself in other parts of the world, positive actions are still continually being done at halting covid. 

In every respect,  we may say the overall situation could’ve been handled better but why even complain? The fact however that there had been no hesitation on the part of governments to lay down the regulations without much delay and as firmly as each situation demanded, must be notable enough. In our case, nobody wants dilly-dallying during medical emergencies and decisive action is always part of any solution. As it is, everybody’s back in their own bubble right now. Stay. 


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