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Hedcor’s Tech-Driven Operational Transformation in Renewable Energy

TAKING SOLAR POWER PLANT OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE TO NEW HEIGHTS. Cayanga-Bugallon Solar Power’s operations and maintenance team excels with drone precision, boosting maintenance efficiency.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation stands as the bedrock of progress. Hedcor, a subsidiary of AboitizPower focused on renewable energy, embodies this principle with remarkable prowess. They are leading the way in ushering in a new era of efficiency in energy operations.

Hedcor’s engineers have embarked on a journey to redefine their industry, both figuratively and literally. They have embraced state-of-the-art technology as a key component of their daily operations, igniting a transformative wave in the domains of surveying, inspections, and maintenance for their solar and hydro plant projects.

This integration of technology is not merely a leap forward; it’s a revolutionary step towards reshaping the future of renewable energy operations aligned to Aboitiz Group’s Great Transformation journey, to become the Philippines’ first techglomerate.

Empowering the Future with Solar Energy

At the core of Hedcor’s technological transformation lies the Solar Group, which has harnessed the capabilities of specialized drones to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. Through the utilization of drones for surveying and inspections, the team can effectively oversee solar farms with remarkable precision and agility.

These drones are outfitted with advanced high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology, playing a pivotal role in identifying potential issues well before they escalate into significant challenges. This proactive strategy has led to accurate replacements resulting in the maximization of available resources, ultimately ensuring a continuous and reliable energy production process.

San Carlos Sun Power’s operations team excels in innovation, overcoming challenges with drone technology for swift and efficient work, paving the way for a brighter energy future.

Alfred Balaga, Solar Grid Manager, emphasized that this dynamic strategy has not only optimized the utilization of existing resources but has also established Hedcor as a leader in the renewable energy industry, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy generation process. Balaga said, “Through the effective use of technology and a commitment to sustainability, Hedcor is setting new standards for the future of clean energy production, showcasing the significance of innovation and environmental responsibility in a rapidly evolving world.”

Illuminating Innovation Across the Islands

Hedcor’s commitment to innovation in improving its hydropower plants is exemplified by the rehabilitation project of the FLS Conveyance Line in Luzon. Drones played a pivotal role in enabling engineers to conduct precise assessments of the conveyance line’s condition, a critical component for water transport in hydroelectric power generation.

This technological leap not only streamlined the assessment process but also facilitated the design of targeted solutions to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency. The outcome was a swift and cost-effective rehabilitation, ensuring uninterrupted power generation in the region.

Simultaneously, Hedcor’s hydro facility in Bukidnon utilized drones for proactive inspections. This initiative provided a comprehensive view of the plant’s infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and areas of concern.

This innovative approach empowered the team to take preemptive measures, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring a continuous electricity supply. The data collected through drone inspections served as the foundation for a thorough evaluation and design process, ultimately leading to focused maintenance activities and improvements in the infrastructure.

Hedcor optimizes hydro operations and maintenance through advanced drone technology.

“Hedcor’s vision transcends mere ambition; it is a resolute commitment to transform the renewable energy landscape. We’re not settling for being a top asset manager in our nation or ASEAN—we’re venturing into new frontiers as a tech-driven conglomerate. Our journey combines human skill with advanced tech, creating pioneering, sustainable energy solutions. Fueled by endless innovation, we’re shaping a green, bright future that will endure for generations,” declared Hedcor President and COO Rolando G. Pacquiao.

At Hedcor, engineers have not merely incorporated drone technology; they have elevated it to an indispensable tool in their relentless quest for operational excellence. As Hedcor spearheads this revolutionary charge, the horizon of energy generation in the Philippines gleams with unprecedented brilliance, promising an era of unparalleled vitality and sustainability.


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