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Guest Editorial | Stay home, stay free

Only your immune system and nothing else can destroy coronavirus and stop the pandemic. Even a vaccine, if eventually found, works only to assist the immune system in killing the enemy.

Thus, fortify your immune system. Stay home. Eat, love, and pray. Stay free from invaders.

What could be greater strategy than this to do battle and defeat the corona contagion?

Eat. Eat healthy immune-boosting food that is rich in vitamin C and vitamin D – vegetables, fruits, root crops, fish and shellfish. Have in your diet egg, sardines, salmon, tuna, liver, spiced with garlic and ginger. Be hydrated with fresh citrus (calamansi, orange) juice, and ginger and turmeric tea.
Love. Love yourself. Do regular exercise you can manage at home. Bathe yourself, and capture Vitamin D, with the early morning or late afternoon sunshine. Take Vitamin A and Vitamin D supplements.

Pamper yourself with some hobbies. Tend to your garden. Listen to soothing music. Read books. Go water-color painting or sketching. Write a journal or diary. Write “My Scariest Corona Day” or “My Most Amusing Corona Moment,” and “How my 3 year-old grandson boosts my immune system.”

Meditate to have peace of mind. Do breathing exercise: inhale deeply, hold, and exhale slowly. Reflect and savor beautiful memories, of clean awesome forests, canyons, great green plains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and seas, and of blue and red skies and of dark and starry nights.

Laugh. A good laugh exercises your heart like having a good sex. If age deprives you now of torrid, sweatful love making, be content with something you and partner can afford to do.

Done. Post a thought or two in FB to amuse, entertain and provoke intelligent exchange of ideas and make one happy or reflecting at the end of the day.

Love your neighbors. Email, message, and chat with loved ones relatives and friends, to show your concern about them. Stay happy and infect your neighbor with your happiness and confidence.

Pray. Prayer pacifies the mind, spares us from negative thoughts, from fear and worries and from unfounded sentiments. Pray for God’s grace and faithfulness. Pray for strength, health and safety of those who are exposed to the enemies by the nature of their work, in hospitals, checkpoints and other workplaces. Pray for the victims of the virus and their families to overcome their grief and terrible uncertainties. Pray for our leaders to be more discerning and truly sensitive and more focus to the needs of the most needy of our people. We all have suffered in these troubled times. Pray, nonetheless, for all to be more understanding, kind and compassionate to everyone. But be strong and unforgiving to the enemy.

Stay home; stay free from corona. By William R. Adan/Mindanews


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