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CTTMO: Some car owners refuse to pay parking fee

Some vehicle drivers are refusing to pay parking fees due to their ignorance of the law, the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) revealed.

CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude said he has directed parking fee collectors not to force uninformed drivers to pay.

“I told our enforcers that they should not fight with those who are not aware of the law, instead they just have to note the car’s plate number and tell the driver or owner to go to our office instead,” Abude said.

Abude said drivers or owners who refuse to pay parking fees for they are not aware of the law must get information from the CTTMO.

Abude stressed that not knowing the ordinance does not exempt anybody from paying the corresponding parking fee levied on them.

The city government, through the CTTMO, has implemented the parking fee ordinance since Jan. 2 based on City Ordinance No. 052, which was approved in 2013.

Under the law, the parking fee for buses and trucks is P100 for the first two hours and an additional P20 for each succeeding hour.

For light vehicles, the fee is P20 for the first two hours and an additional P10 for each succeeding hour.

The fee for motorcycles is P5 for the first two hours and an additional P1 for each succeeding hour, while the fee for bicycles is P2 for the first two hours and an additional of P1 for each succeeding hour.

Abude said that the parking fee policy would help boost the security and economy of the city.

“My personnel have undergone seminar so they know the culture of security of the city. If there is unattended baggage they know what to do and they will immediately report it to the authorities,” he said.

The designated parking areas will be at CM Recto to Bolton, Bolton to Engineer’s Drive, Engineer’s Drive to City Hall Drive, City Hall Drive to Inigo, Inigo to Quirino, San Pedro to Duterte, Duterte to Luna, Luna to Pelayo, Pichon to San Pedro, San Pedro to Rizal/Duterte, Rizal to Bonifacio, Ilustre to Pelayo, Guerrero to Chavez, Chavez to Suazo, Suazo to Sales, Sales to Gempesaw, Gempesaw to Lizada, Lizada to Bangoy, Bangoy to Alvarez and J.P. Laurel to Guerrero.

The city has trained 80 parking fee enforcers.


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