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Group gathers 13-K signatures to demand exit from WHO, stop in charter change initiatives

THE ALLIANCE for Peace, Justice and National Security (APJNS), representing religious organizations, gathered over 13,000 signatures to be attached to its petition to Malacañang and lawmakers to junk all initiatives to change the economic provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

The group said allowing foreign global corporations to buy lands in the country and own up to  100% of the capital shares of businesses in the public service, education, and advertising sectors won’t necessarily attract foreign investors unless widespread corruption in government is significantly reduced, “if not totally eliminated.” 

“If any amendments should be made to our existing Constitution, it is how our justice system can be restructured and overhauled so that the thieves and corrupt officials in government …are swiftly  punished and brought to justice.” 

Even if amending the economic provisions of the Constitution might attract foreign investors and drive economic growth, the country could not expect to sustain that environment without system change. 

“We already had big foreign corporations here but left the country because of widespread corruption, political instability, and social unrest,” the petition added. 

Meanwhile, part of the petition is for the Philippines to exit the World Health Organization as the group believed that the organization was responsible for stoking fear and forcing people to submit to COVID-19 vaccinations. 

The group demanded that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reject the ratification of the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Agreement. “There are several questionable items found in the adopted proposed 307 binding amendments FOREMOST of which is the empowerment of the W.H.O. to declare pandemic and dictate what and how countries should respond to it which violates our sovereign rights as a nation,” the letter said.  

The petition letter, along with the copy of the signature campaign, will be sent to the Office of the President, Senate, and the Lower House. 



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