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Global Women Who RULE continue to allow women to shine on its 2nd year

During last year’s International Women’s Month, together with The New Channel (TNC), a group of 22 Filipino woman-leaders to celebrate and shine a light on the unique experiences, insights, struggles, and success stories of women from all sorts of places and all walks of life. The first Global Women Who Rule (GWWR) summit was a success beyond our initial expectations, and the pressure is now on to match, if not top it.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but already, we can assure that our new lineup of profiles (how we call our speakers) is just as diverse, exceptional, inspirational, yet relatable, not just to every woman, but to men as well. While the event is mainly woman-focused, and a celebration of everything unique to women, it has always meant to be all-inclusive.

As with last year’s summit, one of the key points we would like to emphasize is the importance and impact of going digital, and how it has transformed the way women converse, as well as disseminate and consume information. Even without a dedicated audience, the various platforms have given women a place to put their voice out there.

With the relatively low barrier for entry, any smart device or computer, and an internet connection, it gives women a place to bring out their thoughts, emotions, and ideas. And whether there’s a little or a lot willing to listen, there’s still a sense of purpose in getting your word out, a feeling that you’re able to contribute and get your two cents in on any dialogue or topic.

Among our several and varied profiles, beyond their personal experiences and stories, guidance and tips on current events will be brought up and discussed, such as the past two (2) years of the pandemic, how it has shaped and continues to shape the lives of women, and the Filipino people in general. This brought about an explosion of new types of digital content, born out of necessity, as well as bolstered existing ones, constantly evolving for the current, and towards the post-pandemic, world.

The political climate we are now in, with the looming national elections, has had its own impact on digital content, particularly on social media. As we share some platforms on which the various campaigns are heavily present on, it would be difficult not to touch upon its effects on the digital landscape and the conversations on various women’s issues and advocacies. We, however, stand our ground on representing women with pink, since back in the first summit, with no political ties or intent, as we wish to be inclusive of all women, and those who would stand by us and for us.

Being a global summit, featuring Filipinas from all around the world, economic issues and concerns with foreign relations will be raised, as the situation with Russia and Ukraine will have global ramifications, beyond just those two countries. Challenges particularly in the household will take the focus for every mother and woman-provider, as inflation on the prices of various commodities becomes imminent due to these events. This is where we hope words of wisdom and guidance from our woman-leader profiles s in the fields of business and finance will come with great value for those who participate and listen in on the event.

While digital content can vary wildly, common factors that give it substance are being timeless and being timely. Which is why we found it imperative to be able to continue this annual summit, in order to give a current view on the things that matter to women today and always.

Find your new inspiration, motivation, and guide, here on Global Women Who RULE 2022 (GWWR). Watch it live here:

See you on 26 March 2022, Saturday, from 1:00PM – 7:00PM PHT.

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