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Freeze: Beach Fun

The Philippines is broken up in many islands by the sea. This gives it the fifth longest coastline of 36,289 kilometers (22,549 mi) in the world–followed by Japan, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and China. The country has excellent beaches and diving spots.

Many people are expected to enjoy swimming in the Philippines this summer and here are a few tips to add more fun to frolicking under the sun.

(images from Niel Laure, Ethel Laure, Elvie Pilapil, and Johnny Holiday)

Learn how to relax and float to save energy
Let your children learn how to swim. There are many swimming lessons offered during summer
Participate in coastal clean up projects
Pick a swimming spot near a lifeguard
Wear flotation devices
Wear appropriate sunscreen
Wear swimming goggles
Have a lotion handy to soothe sunburned skin
Don’t stay too long in the sun
Wear appropriate sunscreen


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