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Don’t just think of revenues in classifying land use: dad

The City Council is focusing more on economic prosperity than ecological sustainability in its land use policy, a lawmaker said.

Councilor Rene Elias Lopez, who chairs the committee on housing, rural and urban development (low-end projects), called upon his fellow legislators to revisit the ordinances classifying land use in the city.

In last week’s regular session, the council approved five reclassification or rezoning ordinances mostly from residential zones to commercial zones.

“If you observe properly, the council’s thinking is more on the economic prosperity especially that we have reclassified many of our areas,” Lopez noted in an interview.

Lopez further noted that although “this will generate more progress and economic activity, as this is one of the pursuits of government right now, but at the same time, we also (need to) be mindful of environmental concerns.”

“We should be mindful of environmental concerns that is embodied in our comprehensive land use program and strengthened by the Zoning Ordinance of 2013,” Lopez called.

Lopez further stressed that the sustainability of the city always entails balance.  “Its always a balance between economic growth and  prosperity and ecological balance and welfare, he said.


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