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Davao Coffee Crawl to help boost local coffee industry

Crawl to feature 18 coffee shops across Davao City

The Davao Coffee Crawl (DCC) is seen to help boost the local coffee industry of Davao City as it features 18 homegrown coffee shops.

“Now on its third year, the Davao Coffee Crawl movement continues with its aim of supporting the local coffee scene in Davao City and showcasing the best it has to offer, ”Von B. Estrada, convenor of the DCC and owner of Revel by Confex, said.

This year, the DCC features 18 coffee shops spread across the city – AtCurbside and Mylk Café in the Marfori area; Balay, Darkk, Hidn Coffee, Lerus Coffee, and VNL in Obrero; Cafe Prelaya and Kanto Coffee in Dona Vicenta Village; Espresso Lab and HisHer in Lanang; Espresson along Jacinto St.; Fourth Street along Narra St. in the Magsaysay area; Glasshouse Coffee with branches in Aeon Towers and the Oboza Compound along Rizal St.; Lot 38 in Deca Indangan; Revel by Confex in Maa; and Olo and Onse in the Ecoland area.

“We made sure that the coffee shops are spread across the city. With this, crawlers will be able to experience the different coffee shops in the city. Each coffee shop has a different personality and different offerings, allowing for different experiences for each visit,” Estrada said.

Now on its third year, the DCC will be for the whole month of October in celebration of the International Coffee Day, which is on October 1.

“It is through movements like this that we are able to promote the local coffee scene of Davao City as it gives crawlers the opportunity to explore the coffee shops in different parts of the city,” Estrada said.

DCC co-organizer Mina Limbaga of Put A Label said the crawl also highlights the vibrant coffee community of the city.

“When I attended the previous crawls, I was able to meet fellow coffee enthusiasts who eventually became friends. Likewise, it was great to get to know coffee shop owners and baristas and learn more about coffee and the industry,” Limbaga said.

During the crawl, participants will complete 12 stamps to be able to win a special prize, which will be announced on October 1. Crawl cards will be released beginning on October 1, 2023 and will have a minimal fee of P50. Details and mechanics of the crawl will soon be posted on the official Instagram and Facebook pages of the DCC.

“We invite everyone to join the crawl and support the local coffee scene of Davao City,” Estrada said. #

About the Davao Coffee Crawl | The Davao Coffee Crawl is a movement started by a group of coffee shop owners and friends in 2021. Its aim was to promote the local coffee shop scene of Davao City and showcase what local coffee shops have to offer.


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