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CULTURAL POTPOURRI – The Ngo Family’s Yoh Froz V

“The goal is to provide Davaoeños with a high quality and proudly Philippine-made frozen yoghurt brand which not only provides delicious desserts but affordable ones. Yoh Froz frozen yoghurt lets you enjoy a truly delicious dessert; and at the same time gives you healthy benefits with its Lactobacillus, among other probiotics, that promotes good digestion and immunity,” said the young Chinoy entrepreneur, Jasper Ngo, armed with his six-pack abs as he inaugurated the fifth Yoh Froz shop at the Bangayan family’s Rogen Inn Compound. As expected, Gerry, Muy, Jason and Daryl Ngo were there to show their strong support and to cut the ceremonial ribbon. I was happy to be invited by the charming Daryl Ngo to attend the launch of their fifth branch as she usually did in their other branches.

Jasper Ngo with Arch’t. Kelby Yamyamin and his team

The Ngo children have always been business-minded, hardworking, and disciplined as they are known to be health conscious as evidenced by their fit physiques. Their philosophy, “Do your Health a Flavor,” made them secure the franchise of the yoghurt brand of Manila from the Gatchalian family’s Glacier Bay Diversified Ventures, Inc. “Just like the Gatchalian family, my family is working hard in its effort to make Yoh Froz the number one frozen yoghurt brand in the Philippines that ‘will passionately promote health by integrating yoghurt into the Filipinos’ lifestyle through Yoh Froz’s products and services.’ We do our best in giving our valued customers a satisfying frozen yoghurt experience with their every order of Yoh Froz products,” commented the ever-smiling Daryl Ngo.

The Ngo siblings with the Yoh Froz service crew

It was in 2010 when the Gatchalian family’s Yoghurt Froz was renamed Yoh Froz. The Ngo family of Davao was awarded the first Yoh Froz franchise in Mindanao. The first branch was put up at the Davao Autoville Center along F. Torres Street on June 1, 2011. “I was quite anxious then when we opened our first Yoh Froz branch as it was a new business venture for me. There were already several frozen yoghurt brands being sold in the city. But by giving importance to good customer service and providing our clients with high quality products, we were able to withstand the competition. With the first branch doing well, we were encouraged to open other branches in Davao. And we’re now on our fifth branch in the span of almost 13 years,” revealed Jasper Ngo proudly.

(l-r): Peter Haw, the Ngo family, and Gene and Wesley Bangayan

“Yoghurt is a good health food. It promotes good intestinal movement while being tolerated by most lactose intolerant people. Probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria in the colon. Yoghurt is a ‘healing food’ for diarrhea. And yoghurt reinforces the bones by being a great source of calcium. Frozen yoghurt as a sweet treat is said to be a more health-conscious option to ice cream as it is lower in sugar, fat, and carbohydrate content. So must you wonder why there are many frozen yoghurt shops popping up all over the Philippines,” promoted Daryl Ngo while personally serving me with a cup of strawberry flavored Yoh Froz.

Congratulations, Gerry, Muy, Jason, Jasper and Daryl Ngo on your new Yoh Froz V branch at the Rogen Inn Compound.

Guests with their fave Yoh Froz delights
Pastor Neil Redulla blessing Yoh Froz


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