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Council urges DepEd XI to finish home study module

A lawmaker passed a resolution on April 29 urging the division of city schools to prepare home study learning modules in preparation for the new normal while the country continues to grapple with the pandemic.

Councilor Pilar Braga, committee chair on education, science and technology, arts and culture, said the move is essential since the threat of COVID-19 persists.

She said this is also in line with the suspension of classes and activities as the education sector looks for ways to ensure the safety of the teachers and students.

“They should come up with online platforms to allow students to learn online,” she said, adding that an online-based program will augment classroom-based learning.

Jenielito Atillo, Department of Health XI (DepEd XI) spokesperson, said in a virtual press conference that the opening of classes still no confirmed schedule.

“We are in a situation right now that we cannot call the shots as a department because the ongoing situation is that we really have to get the nod first of the Interagency Task Force (IATF) for them to officially recommend to the president for the president to hammer a decision,” he said.

However, the DepEd has been crafting the learning continuity plan, which will help prepare private and public schools.

“This is quite a massive plan affecting everybody in the educational sector. The plan will include what will be our system with these modalities,” he said.

While he could not provide any details, Atillo assured that the DepEd is considering the challenges faced by students without access to the Internet at home. He also said that some areas in the region have a spotty signal, which would make it hard for students to learn online.

The plan, however, has an offline component where the delivery modes do not rely on an Internet connection.

While some schools can still continue their classroom classes, students will have to adjust to the new normal. “We can really put forward our endeavor to continue on with the provision of education in these very difficult times,” he said.


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