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Cacao farmers face production shortage

LOCAL cacao growers could hardly keep up with the demand for cacao in the global and domestic markets, resulting in a shortage in production.

During the Agribiz forum on Nov. 7, Dante Muyco Jr., Davao Regional Cacao Industry Council (DRCIC) chairperson, revealed that Davao City produces around 10,000 metric tons of cacao and another 15,000 metric tons for the entire country. 

The total production still amounts to a deficit of 35,000 metric tons based on the annual domestic demand. 

Meanwhile, the international demand for cacao yearly runs to around five million metric tons and grows about 10% per year. 

“We are experiencing a little bit of shortage for raw materials for us to produce, to trade, to make chocolates, to do some value-adding,” Muyco said. 

Muyco said the upcoming events for cacao, such as the National Cacao Congress will help address these challenges as they aim for more sustainable, increased productivity, and quality cacao. 

He also stressed that they work closely with the agriculture department to establish a good database for cacao next year. 

“We also have to determine the productivity levels of trees. At least 2 kilos per tree of dry beans, because recently, the number of kilos of dry beans per tree is only 800 grams as observed,” he added. 

When it comes to productivity, Muyco also said Davao City still tops cacao production, and some of its major cacao suppliers were Calinan, Marilog, and Paquibato. This is followed by Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental.

“We have a good climate, we have the best environment for cacao, so there is always room for expansion,” he said.


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