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Bridging Communities:  Tanglaw Natin Ang Talikud 2024

IN THE heart of the Davao Gulf lies Talikud Island, a place of stunning natural beauty yet faced with the challenges of access to essential services. However, on March 24, 2024, a ray of hope illuminated the island as the Tanglaw Natin Ang Talikud 2024 project unfolded, bringing vital services closer to its shores.

Led by project chairperson Francis Consolacion, under the guidance of JCI Davao president Carlo Franco Santos, as well as the Office of Councilor Renz Lacorte and the Island Garden City of Samal government, the project exemplified the power of collaboration.

JCI Davao president and project chairman Carlo Franco Santos

All in all, 26 partners from national government agencies, local government offices and units, non-government organizations, and private individuals supported the project. 

Similarly, the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao provided crucial support in transportation, enabling partners to traverse the sea to reach the island. Meanwhile, the Department of Health, through city health offices, contributed medicines and manpower to ensure the success of the medical mission.

The event, hosted at Sta. Cruz National High School in Talikud Island, saw over 600 individuals benefitting from a range of services. 

Medical professionals provided consultations, distributed essential medicines, and conducted family planning sessions and ultrasounds for expectant mothers. 

Additionally, HIV testing services were offered, contributing to the island’s health awareness efforts. Students received much-needed school kits to support their education, thanks to the collective efforts of generous sponsors and partners. 

In addition, a legal aid clinic was provided by Ateneo de Davao University’s Community Engagement and Advocacy Council. Their invaluable support empowered residents with legal consultations, empowering them to address their concerns and access justice.

The tangible impact of Tanglaw Natin Ang Talikud 2024 extended far beyond the services provided on that day. It symbolized a triumph of unity, compassion, and solidarity, showcasing what can be achieved when communities unite for a common cause. 

As the sun set over Talikud Island, it did so on a community empowered, uplifted, and united, thanks to the unwavering dedication of all those involved in this noble endeavor.



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