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AMANO: Walang Agwat ng Pagdunong (Closing Learning Gaps)

THE “Amano: Walang Agwat sa Pagdunong” short film documentary depicting the story of a small indigenous village dreaming of attending school got its premiere public screening last April 19 (online global film launch) and on April 24 at the 40th People’s Cordillera Day in Kalinga, Philippines.

Amano is a youth-led short film focusing on Indigenous Peoples’ rights to education, particularly the displaced Aeta community of Sitio Gayaman, Tarlac, a small village around 100 kilometers north of the capital Manila.

The documentary launch was organized by AYIPN, IPMSDL, Siklab Philippine Indigenous Youth Network, Katribu Youth, Liwanag at Dunong, and Cordillera Peoples Alliance. “Amano” is made possible with the support from Voice and The Constellation.

✨ About the film ✨

Sitio Gayaman, a community facing significant educational challenges, lies in the heart of Tarlac. Despite this, a beacon of hope shines bright through the collaborative efforts of its residents. Led by dedicated ALC teachers, the young and old Aetas embark on a journey towards inclusive education. Profiling parents’ educational backgrounds reveals a stark reality: many are elementary school dropouts, some unable to hold a pencil. Consequently, children struggle with their studies and lack parental support. However, the establishment of the Aeta Learning Center sparks newfound optimism. With unwavering determination, community members contribute their time and effort to building a school from scratch. Through the selfless dedication of volunteer teachers, the ALC becomes more than just a place of learning—it becomes a sanctuary of opportunity and empowerment.


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