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177 fugitives, suspects nabbed in week-long police operations

Authorities arrested 177 individuals and killed six in week-long operations to bring in fugitives and criminals in the city from Feb. 21 to 28.

In a report given by Davao City Police Office director Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum, the operating teams killed six and arrested 43 suspects in 32 buy-bust operations.

Tagum identified the six killed suspects as Paulo Elle Mejaris Alias Pao2x; Wahid Sakili Alias Kiking; Jerry Fernandez; Aljun Celis; Dexter Delfino; and Flo Leonardo Restauro. They reportedly tried to shoot it out with the arresting officers.

Meanwhile, they also hauled in 48 fugitives after serving them the warrants of arrest.

Fedel  Marchan; Bismar Codan Halil; Edgardo Blanco Frias ; Rakman Albani Atandi;  and Dioscoro Cabrera Borja alias Jojo, were arrested for violation of RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous drugs act of 2002).

Others  arrested were Albaser Madja Hajihil for direct assault upon an agent of a person in authority; Blessie Mae Gambong for RA 7610; Paulines Rebonza Valero for violating the SSS Law; Rodolfo Andaya Cagatin for failure to appear during trial; Emma Rose Togonon Lozada-Pizarro for adultery;

Emmaolin Kummer Macantan; Bebirlyn  Mandawe Abian for cyber-libel (RA 10175); Johnny Larra Cabillada and Efren Zamora Moyong  for theft; Juanito ribamba Lubenido for theft (probation revoked for service of sentence; Edgardo Magallanes Baniog and Ronnie  Paña for qualified theft; and Danilo Ugpay Dingal for attempted theft.

Also arrested were Abe lacuña Duran for reckless imprudence resulting in slight physical injuries and damage to property; Tommy  Ignacio  and Ferdinand Beltran for  BP 22; Javier Sarabello Calesa for acts of lasciviousness; Ronan Espartero Toremocha for robbery in an inhabited house; Maria Aurora Danganon Navarro for attempted homicide; Aljimar Lazaro Lacierda; Nafel Dagala Arches for resistance and simple disobedience to a person in authority; Julie Daquitan Wae for  falsification of public documents.

Further warrant of arrest was issued to Nicanor Sumampong Pedrico  for unjust vexation; Clyvon Tipudan Motlog for  RA 9261; Judylyn Joy Lu Abunda for falsification of public document (5 counts); Vicente Zamora for RA 9287; Eugenio obeso Serado Jr. for perjury; Rowena Ruth Go Palisoc for RA 8041; Roger Jay Leyson  for RA 9262; Romulo Manaid Jose for attempted murder; Benjamen Radures Caparoso for RA7610; Mary Ann Abuhat Salinas for robbery with violence or intimidation of a person;  Angel Benites Dacanay for grave slander; Rene Clarion Ating for murder; Carmelito Higomon for rape; Antonio Balili Villarias for robbery; Danilo Panyamogan Bacolod for murder; Wendel Padan Andawa for seven counts of Sec 109, RA 7610.

Finally, served with warrants were Danilo Ugpay Dingal for attempted theft; Rolando Ebe Bustamante for RA 9262; Mario Eseque Eseo for robbery with intimidation;  Anthony Tagud Tobalfor homicide; Crisanto Bruce Mangcay for acts of lasciviousness; and Loreline Dordines for less serious physical injury.

In the operation against robbery, akyat bahay, theft, snatching (R.a.t.s), there were 12 suspects arrested. They were identified as Ronnie Sendo Lemindong; Ephraim Ignacio Baginat; Samra Kadatuan; Jostiniano Concepcion Jr.; Chenelyn Dee Betarmos; Jodelyn Gomez Abillanueva; Jesson Reponte; Kristianne Codera; Mark Navarro Ocon; Kevin Carl Ramos Conde; Joshua Ian Cubosuquia;  Jenard Roel Diez.

Tagum said they arrested 74 suspects for physical injury, illegal gambling, and violation of the Omnibus Election Code.


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