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  • Relief of DCPO chief, personnel won’t affect city’s war on drugs: Baste


MAYOR Sebastian Duterte reaffirmed the local government’s war on drugs despite the administrative relief of 35 police officers and personnel, including the chief of the Davao City Police Office.

“My position is clear,” Duterte said in a Monday afternoon interview. “The city is at war against drugs.” 

He clarified that the war on drugs in Davao City was his own decision, not the PNP or national government. 

“I never said that they declared it. I did not put words into their mouths and they never declared it themselves but me, as mayor of this city, still I reiterate my decision that the city is at war against drugs,” Baste said in an interview Monday afternoon, May 27.

He said his priority is to protect the innocent, so “the lives of criminals don’t matter to me.” 

“You are here only to harm innocent people. Putang-ina ninyo , kung nabuhi pa mo patyon ta mog usab (If you manage to live, I will kill you again),” Duterte said.

This statement comes after the relief of several officers following the deaths of seven individuals during anti-drug operations conducted between March 23 and 26. The relieved personnel included former DCPO director Col. Richard Bad-ang, 11 other officers, and 23 Police Non-commissioned Officers (PNCOs).

The Police Regional Office (PRO XI) previously explained that the relief was based on a recommendation by the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) XI for an investigation. They assure the public of a fair process.

Mayor questions relief of DCPO chief, personnel

Meanwhile, Duterte sought clarification from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. regarding the recent relief of 35 Davao City police officers.

“I would like to hear a comment from DILG, a reason or even from the President on what they think about this issue because these are hardworking policemen that they are questioning,” Duterte said in an interview on Monday afternoon at the Davao International Airport.

He said the DCPO chief and personnel had a good track record in serving Davaoeños. They also had not been implicated in corruption or abuse of power.

In a statement on Monday night, Duterte said the recent order to relieve the police officers reeked of double standard. 

“In those instances, only the commanding officers or those immediately involved in the incidents were scrutinized, allowing the rest of the personnel to continue their duties uninterrupted. Why is a different standard being applied in Davao City?” the statement said.

He said if the PNP wanted accountability and transparency, the leadership should have adopted a more focused approach to avoid causing disruption. The sweeping relief may only “erode trust within the ranks of our police force.” 

“I call for a fair and balanced investigation that maintains the effectiveness and morale of our law enforcement agencies. Together, we can continue to ensure the safety and security of Davao City without compromising the principles of justice and due process,” he further said.



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