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WANDERLUST | First full-service Lasik center now in Mindanao

Dr Ches Heredia and Dr Gary Bunagan with Dra Lee Heredia and beauty queen Jehza Huelar

“WHEN a company comes to a local city, there’s a competition. So, Instead we flipped the coin and did the opposite. We asked local doctors what’s best fit for a partnership,” said Borough Lasik Center (BLC) Davao local head ophthalmologist Dr Gabriel Bunagan during the opening of BLC last April 26 at JJ’s Commune, Loyola Street in Davao City.

Mindanao’s first full-service Lasik center is collaborating with Davao EyeMDs Laser and Surgery Center, which happens to be literally  just next door. 

Dr Jun Serrano, Dr Ches Heredia, Dr Gary Bunagan, Dr Ricky Aranzamendez

“We pride in having the best eye laser, a 13th generation laser, coupled with the best technology and best core group of doctors,” shared BLC medical director and head ophthalmologist Dr Ches Heredia. 

Performing a Lasik procedure to their first Davao patient

Bunagan and Heredia are joined by top Davao ophthalmologist Dr Jun Serrano and Dr Ricky Aranzamendez in their Davao clinic. BLC, the Philippines’ premier eye surgery clinic, is focused on helping patients find the best solution in achieving optimum vision. 

According to Bunagan, their Lasik center also guarantees to bring the same top of the line customer experience as their Manila branch. 

The clinic is powered by Schwind Eye-Tech Solutions, the worldwide market leader for Excimer Lasers, making them one of the very few clinics in the country to use this high caliber laser refractive technology.  

The first step to one’s journey to 20/20 vision is to find out if one’s eyes are eligible for BLC’s services, such as Lasik, Presbymax, Transepilasik, and PRK.  The center offers free suitability test, a 10-minute assessment that checks if a patient is eligible to undergo a Lasik procedure based on their eye grade and corneal thickness.

Once a patient chooses to proceed with the Lasik process, he or she will undergo a Comprehensive Eye Screening, which enables doctors to create the best suited treatment plan for each patient. The test results are valid for 3 months barring any major changes to one’s lifestyle or physical eye welfare.  

Dr Bunagan with BLC Davao personnel

As soon as treatment option is chosen, one can opt to do a same-day procedure, or schedule an appointment on a later date. While Borough Lasik Center’s doctors come weekly from Manila, local doctors are always available to render any of the procedures.

BLC ophthalmologists with local media and influencers

“Clear vision is necessary to achieve a good quality of life. Our role is to offer and provide our patients the best vision necessary so that they can function well and enjoy their daily work and activities. Having optimal eyesight is important for a healthy and happy life, ” Bunagan added. 



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