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Unanimous vote

  • City’s P168-B LDIP budget passes second reading


LAWMAKERS approved on second reading the proposed P168 billion budget for Local Development Investment Program (LDIP) 2024-2026, during Tuesday’s regular session.

LDIP 2024-2026 covers a total amount of P168,003,573,000 that will fund infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects to realize the development objectives, including general public services, economic, social, flood control, road network, water and power supply, and others.

Councilor Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz, the committee on ways and means and appropriations chair, said the proposed three-year program seeks to provide Davaoeños with social and economic quality human settlement.

Dalodo-Ortiz added the LDIP is composed of priority programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) anchored on the 12-key point agenda of the present administration.

The critical areas include poverty alleviation, infrastructure development; solid waste management, health, education and human resource development; agriculture and agribusiness; business and industry support development; transportation planning and traffic management; peace and order; disaster risk reduction and mitigation; good governance through innovations and ICT; and tourism development and support services.

The key areas reflect the DUTERTE initiative or “Digitalization and Usage of Technology for an Enterprising Regime that is Transparent and Efficient.”

The appropriations chair stressed the program budget will be extracted from the General Fund or other funding schemes.


The LDIP 2024-2026 comprised non-infrastructure projects amounting to P92,928,985,000 (55.31%); and infrastructure projects in the amount of P75,074,588,000.00 (44.69%) of the total budget.

For the non-infrastructure projects, general public services have the biggest allocation with P42,526,515.00 (45.76%), economic development amounts to P27,103,187,000.00 (29.17%), while P23,299,283,000.00 (25.07%) is intended for social development.

Meanwhile, for the proposed infrastructure projects, road development program has the biggest allocation with P42,070,167,000.00 (56.04%), the Flood control systems in the amount of P11,489,049,000.00, Power supply systems with an amount of P20,000,000.00, Water Supply System amounts to P464,204,000.00, Buildings for P16,127,694,000.00, and P4,903,474,000.00 for other public infrastructure projects. 

The Annual Investment Program (AIP) for 2024, as explained by Dalodo-Ortiz, is extracted from the LDIP 2024-2026 amounting to P95,464,613,000.

AIP 2024 will comprise non-infrastructure projects amounting to P37,258,110,000 with general public services amounting to P16,160,050 (43.37%) as the biggest allocation, followed by economic development (33%), and social development (24%).

Meanwhile, infrastructure projects total P58,206,503,000, with road network developments amounting to P31,656,060 (54.39%) as the highest allocation. 

The proposal aligns with the city’s development thrusts manifested in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Comprehensive Development Plan. 



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