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Timesman: Mga kandidatong di ko iboboto!

This is a piece of good news for my national and local candidates in the mid-term elections not to worry after I wrote in this corner that I might not vote for them as I am leaving for the United States before the poll month, unless I am allowed to vote online.

The Handbook for Filipinos migrating to the United States of America given me by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) 2017 edition states: “Republic Act 10590 or the Overseas Voting Act of 2013 provides a way for overseas Filipinos to be stakeholders on issues affecting the nation by allowing them to vote in absentia in national elections i.e. in the election of President, Vice President, Senators, and Party-list Representatives.”

Who is qualified to vote?

“All Filipino citizens, if not otherwise disqualified by law, who are at least 18 years of age on the day of the election, and who are registered overseas absentee voters with approved application to vote in absentia.

“With the amended law, Filipino immigrants abroad will no longer need to execute an affidavit stating that you will need to return to the Philippines within three years before you are allowed to vote in absentia.”

Where can I find more information?

“For details on the Overseas Voting, you may visit the following websites:

1. Commission on Elections
2. Dept. of Foreign Affairs – Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat

Again, for the information of the readers, I am still voting (if allowed by online voting) in the old precinct after I missed notifying the poll body of the transfer of residence to the second district of the city.

And as a reminder, especially to national and local candidates, I am only voting for those who are honest, no hidden agenda, no vices (babaero, lasenggo, sugarol), family provider, and most of all God loving. Even relatives and friends who belonged to these categories will be out of my list.

In addition, my 12 candidates in the senatorial race are a mixture from the groups of President Duterte, Vice President Robredo, Mayor Inday Sara, and Independent.

The same is true in the local election. Since the Dutertes are running unopposed- mayor, vice mayor, and congressman, what is there to vote for?

But my bets for the city council will also be similar to my favorite sinigang na bangus, cook with mixture of kangkong, puso ng saging, labanos, sibuyas, kamatis, sili, and sitao, and tubig na pinaghugasan ng bigas ang pinaka sabaw. Yan ang lutong Tagalog.
Wala rin kaibiibigan o kamag-anak kapag tatanga-tanga o magnanakaw lang sa kaban ng bayan!

Since I am now 100 percent prepared to go to “war”, meaning to meet the new chapter in my life with new leader of the country-President Donald Trump, its people and almost complete travel documents and plane tickets, my only concern now is how to deal with the almost zero degree weather condition of the new world my daughter has chosen for me for the remaining years of my life.

But quick to this concern of mine, Jin Lorenz, using his credit card, ordered me thick sweaters with hoods, pants, shirts, travelling suit case, and even socks which I never owned before the other day to prepare me to the icy country.

Anyway, if others may be able to manage and stay there for good, why not the Timesman who has already proven his worth and faced almost all the challenges and hardships of one who wanted to succeed in life.

Anyone can do what I have done so far provided one is honest and has the determination to finish what you have started. Nothing is impossible for as long as we live and HE is always there watching you.

While I am writing this corner, we received info from the facebook of my cousin Ely Dumasal Tolentino based in California that her elder sister Ditche Chol died the other day in the US.

Ditche Chol was older than me by a few years and instead of mourning her death, I told myself that she was lucky because she is now in peace and has nothing to worry in life anymore.

May your soul rest in peace, pinsan!


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