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Timesman: Hindi ako politiko!

Critics and detractors once again “killed” President Duterte. Rumors of his demise circulated after the Chief Executive skipped an event in Palo, Leyte last Friday.
His supposed death persisted until mid-Sunday of last week and only stopped when the President himself appeared on Facebook and clarified that he’s still very much alive while munching something that looked to me like a piece of camote (sweet potato). Coincidentally, I was also having a merienda of camote while watching him that Sunday afternoon.
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo assured the public that the President remains in good health.
“The President is conscientious of his health and he puts a break to activities if he feels his body is not up to it,” Panelo said.
I sometimes experience being suspected dead by friends and foes alike especially when this corner misses a day of its five-day a week schedules in the opinion page.
Once the Timesman misses an issue for a day or two, the next day some callers will contact me just to clarify whether I am still alive. The usual query: “Loreto, buhay ka pa?” And my usual answer: “Huwag kang mag-alala, mauuna ka pa sa akin!” Hehe.
Long-time friend and Edge editor-in-chief Tony Ajero was a recent caller. Tony didn’t mention about death. He just asked: “Pare, kamusta ang milyunaryo?”
And my reply to him: “Pare, hindi pa milyunaryo, feeling pa lang.”
This is President Duterte’s reaction to his supposed death: “For those who believe in the news that I passed away, then, I request of you, please pray for the eternal repose of my soul. Thank you.”
Like the President, I also no longer take death seriously. At this age, who cares? Only those afraid of getting to hell are maybe worrying. God knows we already have accomplished many good things on earth. And this may also be the reason why He didn’t let us go. He still has a mission for us.
Ang pagkakaiba lang namin ng Pangulo, hindi ako politikong tulad niya!
When I was still in my old place on the same subdivision where the residence of the President is, I always knew that the President was in the city from his hectic schedules in the Palace because the presidential chopper flies above the roof of our house two to three times a week.
When I transferred to a new place near the airport, same thing happens – his chopper flies above our place.
But last week, when the rumors of his demise were aired, we noticed no presidential chopper taking off and landing at the airport for three to four days. Very unusual, I told myself.
But when I saw him on the Facebook account of partner Honeylet Sunday afternoon telling viewers to pray for the eternal repose of his soul, I told Jin Lorenz, lahat na lang dinadaan ni Digong sa biro!
Bureau of Corrections Director General Nicanor Faeldon said eliminating “well-funded gangs” will solve the problem of illegal drugs in the country. He said that detained drug lords are still in the illegal business because they have gang members who peddle drugs on the streets.
Faeldon revealed that gangsters caught by authorities would normally get the support of the detained drug lords who provide lawyers and financial support to the group because they are the ones selling their business on the streets in exchange for their protection.
Short of saying that the BUCOR chief is justifying extra-judicial killings of those in the trade outside of cells and at the same time thinking of secretly eliminating detained backers! And the authorities can easily do the job because the financiers are already within their reach.
Good idea, by just cutting the roots of a tree, the rest – leaves and trunks – will follow and die naturally without touching them. But human right groups might not like it and Faeldon will for sure face condemnation from the groups once the law enforcers agree with the plan.
May your weekend, dear readers, be an enjoyable one!


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