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Tebow Cure Children’s Hospital: 9 years of ‘helping kids heal’

THE TEBOW Cure Children’s Hospital (TCCH) continues to perform miracles and “help kids heal” marking its 9th year since it opened its doors in 2014.

TCCH proudly presented a record-high surgical procedures performed since inception, reaching 10,000 in total by the end of May.

It marked its 9th year during its founding anniversary celebration on Friday, May 3 at the hospital.

In his progress report, Peter L. Cowles, Tebow CURE executive director, highlighted that the hospital performed an average of 2,100 surgical procedures annually.

“We have to have a lot of patients coming to the hospital as we offer surgeries with no charge,” Cowles said.

He proudly added that a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with 46 local government units and non-profit organizations nationwide is underway, seven of which were already executed to bridge the transportation barriers. 

“This is to allow us to work with them and find patients and also to transport these patients to and from their place and the hospital,” Cowles added stressing a target of 100 MOA-signed before the end of the year.

Senator Christopher Lawrence Go, chair of the senate committee on health and demography, graced the event.

Senator Go acknowledged the crucial role of the hospital in providing care for children suffering from special conditions and offering specialized medical treatment for them.

“You tackle cases that many other hospitals might not. This dedication to healing the hardest cases, all without passing the cost to the families sets you apart and lifts the spirits of those who might otherwise lose hope,” Go said.

“To our doctors, nurses, and medical staff, your skills and compassion turn challenges into cheers of joy and gratitude from families. Your dedication is nothing short of inspiring,” he added.

The senator lauded the hospital’s partners at PhilHealth and other government agencies to ensure no one is left behind due to financial constraints.

For the hospital’s 9th year, it expanded its collaboration by signing a MOA with the Department of Health Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients (MAIP) program, aiming to create stronger safety nets. 

MAIP beneficiaries are those indigents and financially challenged individuals who lack the necessary expenditures for medical treatment. 

TCCH operates a global network of children’s hospitals employing world-class surgical care for children ages 0-18 with treatable conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, broken bones/untreated trauma, post-burn contractures, cleft and palate, knock knees, windswept knees, pediatric hernias.

Apart from treating special conditions, they also provide comprehensive care such as diagnostics (x-ray, laboratory), pre-op and post-op evaluations, physical therapy, counseling, prescribed medications, meals for patients and caregivers, comprehensive cleft care, assistive devices, lodging and housing provided by other partner non-profit organizations.

The hospital is the only CURE medical facility in the country and Asia, serving patients with 30 patient beds, three operating rooms, and 130 staff members.

To find out how you can support Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital and help children with treatable conditions, you may reach out to their Donor Relations Office through the following channels:, 0946 658 1510, and (082) 224 6048 ext. 414.


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