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Talikala intensifies localization of child protection policy in schools

THE TALIKALA Inc. in Davao City and the Department of Education Division will localize child protection policies to further combat sexual abuse among children in schools or their homes.

In a radio interview, Jeanette Ampog, Talikala Inc. executive director, said school instructors must urge children to report any kind of abuse they experienced, may it be in their households or at school. 

Kung aduna’y mga estudyante na muduol sa mga maestra ug muingon nga naabuso sila sexually, kahibalo sila kung asa dalaon ang mga bata nga nakasinati sa maong pagpangabuso,” Ampog said. 

Ampog said they continually conduct child abuse prevention through their community campaigns and programs, educating parents, with special emphasis on men.

Among the sexually abused cases reported to the organization each month (December-January 2023), Ampog noted that most of the offenders were men. 

Padayon namong gina-edukar ang mga ginikanan mahitungod sa sexual abuse especially mga kalalakin-an – bata o hamtong, ginikanan man o single. Gusto namo ipangusgan sailaha nga dili kinihanglang magpahigayon og sexual activity aron mapakita nga sila ang tag-iya sa bata. Dili lamang sila pang-sexual objects and they should be respected,” she said. 

She also stressed that prevention campaigns are more important than interventions, which means children have not yet experienced such harm that may lead to emotional issues. 

Ampog also encouraged children through their programs, to identify situations that may harm and abuse them, emphasizing the type of touch: safe touch (no malice and abuse felt), confusing touch (touch that can cause anxiety for the child), and unsafe touch (no respect at all and shows abuse). 

Dili nato ginahatag ang burden sa pagprotekta sa bata sa ilaha pero mas maayo pud nga ma-edukar sila,” she said. 

Based on the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, children aged 18 and below and a person who cannot protect themselves (those who have mental needs) are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse. 

Talikala Inc., as a member of Break the Silence Network (an alliance of NGOs, faith-based organizations, and selected LGUs), went around communities to educate and intensify campaigns about child exploitation through forums, animation videos, and distribution of notebooks with help information across the Philippines. The campaign reached 1,038,000 individuals (parents and children) from Region IV, Region XI, Region XII, Region VII, Region VI, and Caraga in 2023.


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