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Staying fab and healthy

MAINTAIN your fabulous and healthy self no matter how extra challenging these days are.

Especially now when there is still an ongoing Omicron threat, keep your bodies in good shape. The key here is to strengthen your immune system and defend yourselves against disease-causing microorganisms. writes that strengthening your body’s natural defenses can be done through having several dietary and lifestyle changes, including the need to have sufficient sleep, increase whole plant food intake, have moderate exercise, and keep yourselves hydrated.

Fill yourself too with the right vitamins and supplements to help you stay fabulous and healthy:

  1. Vitamin C – This helps you protect against immune system deficiencies. WebMD writes that: “Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.”
  2. Zinc – This strengthens your immune system and improve metabolism function. It can also help treat colds, heal wounds, and improve sense of taste and smell, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  3. Probiotics – These are live bacteria and yeasts that may benefit a person’s health, cites Medical News Today. These keep you maintain a healthy gut and support your immune system.
  4. Vitamin E – This is famed for its antioxidant effects and helped you keep beautiful skin. It is also needed for proper immune function and protects your cells from oxidative damage, basing on the article in

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