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SPMC urged public to drink more water as needed  

By: Erica Angel Monday/ Michael Estornino/UM Intern 


A PRIMARY care physician at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) reminded the public to stay hydrated and avoid staying outdoors for extended periods to prevent heat-related diseases.

During the Kapihan forum on April 22, Dr. Aicy Joy Larracochea of the SPMC’s Department of Family Medicine emphasized that heat stroke and heat exhaustion pose significant threats to individuals regardless of their health status. 

“So, the most important thing about heatstroke prevention is staying hydrated. If you work outdoors, you must take frequent breaks. Avoid going outside between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” she said. 

“But if you must go outside, use light-colored loose clothing and stay hydrated,” she added. 

Dr. Larracochea emphasized the importance of raising awareness about heat-related illnesses, particularly as the region experiences soaring temperatures.  

Heat stroke, she stressed, ranks among the most severe conditions triggered by elevated heat indices. 

Fortunately, SPMC has not recorded any cases of heat exhaustion and heat stroke this year, she said. 

“I think are well-informed din sila [the public] because we are announcing the heat index, we have weather forecast, and I think they know what to do, which is a good sign,” she added. 

Moreover, she said they will continue to issue advisories and go on information awareness campaigns to remind the public about the dangers of extreme heat exposure. 


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