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Señor Moments | The new Blue Lotus Hotel

What an awesome, enchanted evening it was last Thursday night at The View, the art and the music, truly a lovely way to spend the evening. And the sumptuous buffet of Malaysian and Chinese dishes courtesy of the LAUT Seafood Palace, the wines and beer from the European Chamber of Commerce – all these made everyone happy. The art exhibit by the Tabula Rasa trio (Daryl Descallar, Brando Cedeno) and guest painters Ega Carreon and Rolando Pino-on complemented the jazz of Tony Peralta’s “Altered Reality” band. Enjoying the evening were: Lito and Sylvia Lorenzana, Toti Morales, Rochelle and Romano Venuti, Albert; Tony Arellano and Clem Escano; Mong Robillo, Chat Garrido-Ocampo, Amy Cabusao, Ian Ray Garcia, Rajan Sujanani; Irene Morada-Santiago – and about a hundred others.

Nowadays, if you want to relax for sunset cocktails, go up to the 7th floor at The View and watch the sun go down. Then go down for an authentic Malaysian-Chinese dinner at LAUT Seafood Palace. The great thing about the new Blue Lotus Hotel is that Matina residents no longer have to go downtown – and yes, there’s plenty of parking.

“BEYOND WILL & POWER” a biography of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte written by Earl G. Parreno will soon be launched in selected bookstores here and around the country, this thoroughly researched book, over two years in the writing, will also be available in key on-line sites.

Recently I got an advance copy from Earl and just finished reading this 227-page book which I found easy-reading especially it quotes several of my friends and talks about several episodes in Davao’s recent history in which PRRD played – and continues to play – an important role.

Especially interesting to me since Rody – or “Dut” – grew up with my brother Tato in Juna Subdivision and went to AdDU HS (class ‘61) along with Sonny Dominguez, Neil Dalumpines, Dodong Robillo, King Aguiluz, Ferdasi Abbas, Arthur Garcia, Gary Tionko, Milton Liu, Sonny Pamintuan – to name a few.
Some of my friends like Nells Lim (his neighbor) Ben de Guzman (his political ally then) are also mentioned in this well-written biography. The book, written by veteran Manila Times, journalist Parreno (who also wrote an authorized bio of Danding Cojuanco in 2003) recounts Dut’s early years, narrates his political rise from fiscal to mayor – and to president.

I found it fascinating to realize how LITTLE he has changed from when he was in HS – and how he is today in Malacanan when he recently hosted a dinner for his classmates in Malacanan, he proudly showed us his bedroom – and his “KULAMBO”, saying he still can’t sleep without it. When his book becomes available – be sure to get one since I think it will be a BESTSELLER.


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