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Safety measures | Airport security intensified amid Kadayawan Festival

Police are intensifying airport security to ensure the safety of visitors who are arriving to join the Kadayawan revelry.

Chief Inspector Ronel Tesorero, head of the Davao Airport police station, told TIMES that this is more than the usual security measure done on a daily basis.

He said that screening of baggage has always been more stringent here than in any other airports in the country even if there are no big events in the city as the airport is a vital facility in this part of the country.

Passengers are also carefully checked at the airport walk-through detectors and have to undergo a pat-down screening even if no metal is detected.

Last month, five additional personnel were deployed to the airport police station to beef up around 50 personnel.

“We have an additional deployment at the DIA, including the Aviation Police Station,” he said.

Tesorero said intelligence operation is always in place in collaboration with other security agencies such as the National Intelligence Agency for information sharing.

The police chief also urged passengers to look after their belongings while traveling. He said there are bags always left behind by passengers and retrieving these bags from the police will cause a lot of inconvenience.

Also, they should check their baggage for prohibited items as this will cause them delay in boarding their flights. Those bringing prohibited items will be subjected to intense questioning before they can board the plane.

Some also leave their things on the taxi so he is reminding passengers to get the taxi cab driver’s identity and plate number before disembarking.

Police have intercepted ammunitions found inside the baggage of at least three passengers this year.

Tesorero said if the item is just one bullet, they will just confiscate and record it, as part of their new policy.


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