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ROUGH CUTS | Why the Duterte-Lopez fallout

Vic N. Sumalinog

HONESTLY we sometimes borrow the ideas of several social media friends insofar as the analysis of the behavior of candidates for President of the Philippines as well as their stand on certain issues faced by the country.

    One of these friends of ours is Marlu Villarosa, formerly from New York, USA and for some time did some work in the New York City Police Department (NYCPD). I have yet to meet him in person and hope to confirm the complementarity of some of our ideas on matters that need to be shared with the public so these issues can be further discussed and analyzed fairly. The present pandemic however remains a major stumbling block to such meeting until today.

    The latest issue that Marlu seems to have apprehension on is the position taken by Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on how he would handle the problem of China’s aggressive claim of a large area in the West Philippine Sea including the islands thereof. Unfortunately for us we were not able to hear the former senator’s statement. Hence we could not have our own take on what he said during his interview with talk show host Boy Abunda.

     But just the same for our friend Marlu to express apprehension is reasonable enough. For him Marcos Jr.’s statement could be a possible weak area that could be exploited by the Chinese government to its favor.  Our social media friend thinks it is very “scary.”

     Our friend Marlu also believes that it is high time that the Filipino voters have to “seriously and objectively evaluate each candidate and vote for the most qualified one. To do otherwise, precludes anyone the right to complain of their plight.” We agree to that over a hundred percent.

     And yes, there were a lot of more intelligent points that Marlu shared with us. But we exclude these from our treatise in the absence of his permission to use.


     Now it is already official. We mean the disclosure of the reason why there was a falling out between then Davao City Mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte and the family of lawyer Ruy Elias Lopez now an aspirant for mayor of the city.

    In an article published in a local daily Ruy Lopez revealed that he talked with the then mayor  when the latter chose his daughter to run for mayor and the outgoing father mayor as her vice mayoral tandem after he completed his second nine year 3-term hold of the office. According t

     According to the younger Lopez during a press forum, the source of the newspaper story, in 2010 the elder Duterte endorsed his daughter fellow lawyer Sara to run for mayor 

     Lopez in the same forum claimed he talked with then then outgoing Mayor  that it was nor right fot a Duterte-Duterte tandem with the Executive Department in the local government to be headed by the daughter while the Legislative was to be headed by the father. The elder Duterte then decided to slide down to Vice Mayor, according to Ruy.

     When nothing positive came out of his talk with the then mayor and the Duterte-Duterte tandem proceeded, the “camel’s back” was finally broken and the Lopez scions ended up in the other side of the fence. Now he is contesting the position of city mayor against the President’s son Baste Duterte. For us though, there could still be other more compelling reasons of the breaking of ties.

     Of course Ruy Lopez admitted to the reality that his run against Baste is a long, long shot. He said his chance of losing is a huge possibility. What with the resources of his political adversary and the influence waged by the President father and Vice Presidential hopeful sister!

     For him however, his candidacy for mayor is an opportunity for the people of Davao City to have a choice. Now the ball is in the hands of the people of the city to choose their next mayor. Objectivity is one important factor in making one’s final decision here.


     The presidential and vice presidential election is not just a contest among the aspirants for the positions. It is also a contest of showing off who has the most number of celebrities supporting them or working for their favor.

     This was successfully manifested in the litany of names of celebrities attending or expressing support to candidates who had their simultaneous proclamation rallies the other day. We would not dare mention anyone and for whom is their support or we might risk the ire of the candidates’ hired trolls and exceedingly biased netizen-supporters. But already big names among the celebrities are making their alignment clear.

     For comments/reactions we may be contacted at or Mobile 09392980435   or landline 2372169.



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