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PLAIN & SIMPLE | Of trees and shades




TREES provide some generous shades to me especially during these times of scorching heat and abnormal weather.

I could only remember at least five Narra trees whose leaves provide a canopy for human beings who  are looking for a shade to relax.

One is that Narra tree on the side of Quirino st at the CSC office nearest Palma Gil School. I am tempted to stop and put on my emergency light for a while. The generous shade of this Narra tree humbles me and makes me feel so pampered and loved.

The 2nd Narra tree is at the Paseo Soriano in Monte Maria 1 in Catalunan Grande. I usually pass this narrow subd road with huge unfriendly humps and could see delivery trucks underneath it resting beneath the generous shades of this Narra tree. 

Since the sweltering heat of the Sun is more intense at noon, the Narra shades provide a cool gentle relaxation for travellers and  riders. Thank God for these trees. Narra trees. No wonder this tree is our national tree. 

The 3rd Narra tree is that one we have in our little property in Monkayo at the bank of the Libuton Creek. More than its shades, what attracted me to this tree is the yellow flower. When it blooms, it provides the mysterious and magical ambience enough to conjure images of fairies and enkantos.

This Narra tree is so special to me because it is a witness to my youth, my innocent dreams , my games and my crushes. I learned to swim near this Narra tree. Most of all, this was the time I was so in love with the color yellow..and orange.

The 4th Narra trees are those lining up on the side of the Astorga road Sta Cruz DavSur just after the Sibulan bridge.. I used to travel once a week taking this road and enjoying the sight of these Narra trees providing us the shades. 

And 5th are the Narra trees at the compound of the Central Bank that attract those blackbirds and maybe other birds. So many are staying on the side of the CB for the shades the  Narra provides.

In the subdivision where I lived, I planted these trees  and other trees like Togas and Fire trees. I know how important trees are and what they are to us human beings.. but some unscrupulous people in our subdivision cut those that I planted because they were grown not in my property but in the extra lots of the subdivision.

Where have all the trees gone? Planting trees is the least of our concern. Why?

Pope Francis challenges us to plant trees. Today up to October 4..One single tree planted is enough to bring back our forest. Shall we try?

Bishop Alberto Uy of Tagbilaran Bohol planted 54 trees to celebrate his 54th birthday. Maybe we should do the same.


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