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Plain and Simple: Missing media friends

Just thought of Double B, Freddie Vergara, Leo Avila, Tony Vergara, JV Velasco, Tine Garalde and Ferdie Lintuan. Of these I mention, Tony Vergara is very much alive.
I listen to double b because he makes me laugh. Naughty and straight with his commentaries, Boy Bilaan makes me breaks unto laughter.
Others hated him but he was one natural comedian. Ang as a person, he was a good friend. He talked about himself most often but he had a good friend. He did not leave me during the lowest times of my life when my wife died. My prayers for him.
And Tine Garalde. This Sorsogon man made a name for himself in Davao while I was in college. I used to listen to him while I was in the seminary doing my work every summer. His station played OPM music.
I was hooked on his program because U live OPM. Sharon’s mr dj. Apo hiking. Rey Valera. Nonoy Zuñiga. Hajji Alejandri. FREDDIE Aguilar. Asun. Joey Ayala. Aming others.
When you left the seminary I bumped into Tine and we shared common friends like Pat Tubat a friend of my papa. Tine was a good writer gifted with a good voice. But he drank a lot. Unfortunate that he was not able to cope well after the death of his wife. He was a die-hard Duterte fan.
And Leo Avila. He was of my age. He came from CDO but nanimpalad dire sa Davao. He became the voice girls and bothers loved on an FM radio. He was Happy LA. He was very popular. So he tried politics and won in his first attempt despite being an independent candidate.
In the course of his public service we became friends. We shared some ideas and issues best for Davao. He even was the alternative candidate for mayor of Davao city by a gathering of NGOs. But Mayor Duterte prevailed up in him to support Inday. The rest is history. My prayers Leo. Happy LA.
And Freddie Vergara. Ah who did not know Freddie? With an authoritative voice and itchy commentaries, Freddie was baby word in AM broadcasting. So popular was he that even those of our town un Agusan voted for him.
Who could not forget the Lungsod Ikaw and Maghukom editorial of him. But this too finds its time in God’s home. My prayers Freddie.
And Tony Vergara, Freddie’s younger brother. He also made a name for himself as main anchor of Sandigan ng katotohanan. Tiny was the anchor and during the high of Marcos martial law he was the voice that exposes the abuses of ML.
Though different from Freddie, Tiny carved a name for himself in AM radio. His program was very popular that he was elected councilor when entered politics in 1988. Now retired, Tony could only take pride in his days as broadcaster par excellence.
And Ferdie Lintuan. He was the liquacious type off and on the air. He was the lifebof the group. What was best about him was that he would not open his mouth if he did not have the facts.
So many of my friends, mostly lawyers and politicos missed his antics. If he were rich as Cora Malanyaon used to tell him, he would have been a good lawyer. But he was gunned down one December day. I was in the house of then Gov Malanyaon when the news broke of his death. Cora cried as she sighed in disbelief. My prayers Bai Ferdie.
We remember engaging and meaningful moments. We can’t remember the dates.
On this day I remember them and pray for them. Happy Valentines, people.
I’ll visit the grave of my wife today. Valentine’s Day.


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