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Philhealth to collect 5% increase in contribution rate this year

THE PHILIPPINE Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) XI will start enforcing the increase in members’ premium contribution from the previous 4% to its new rate of 5% this year.

The increase is part of Republic Act 11223 or the “Universal Health Care Act” signed by former President Rodrigo Duterte in 2019.

Chapter III of the Act states that premium rates will follow the schedule, monthly income floor, and ceiling. In 2024-2025, the premium rate will be 5% for members with an income floor of P10,000 and a ceiling of P100,000.

Philhealth XI public relations officer Kleah Gayle Guevara assured the benefits will outweigh the adjustment even if members might feel burdened by paying the new rates. 

“The purpose of this is to go to the expansion of our programs and benefits and to sustain the funds of Philhealth in its benefits payment,” she said.

Yung target natin is to impact all of the population kasi Philhealth naman is for everyone and for all the Filipinos,”  she added.

Employees earning a basic monthly salary of P10,000 are required to contribute P500. Those who earn beyond the basic but not greater than P100,000 will pay a monthly premium ranging from P501 to P5,000. Meanwhile, those who earn P100,000 will contribute P5,000 monthly.

Guevara said the new adjustment will be the last as stipulated by the law. 

Expanded services include hemodialysis coverage from 90 sessions to 156 sessions,  coverage for ischemic stroke increased from P28,000 to P76,000 and hemorrhagic stroke from P38,000 to P80,000, Z-benefits for orthopedic and colorectal cancer, and outpatient mental health package.

This year, Philhealth will rationalize the case rate, meaning increasing the current coverage for common illnesses and Z- benefits expansion. 

The official reminded its members to brace for the adjustment as it was suspended last year. To recall, President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the suspension of the premium rate and income ceiling hike in 2023 due to public clamor considering the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The premium rate as stipulated in the Act was supposed to increase by 4.5% last year while the ceiling is P90,000. The official said they still rolled out their benefits packages even with the deferment in 2023.


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