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PDEA XI urges schools to conduct drug tests

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) XI urged schools to subject students from first year high school to college to random drug tests.

Lawyer Benh Joseph Tesiorna, the assistant regional director of the PDEA XI, told reporters in yesterday’s press briefing that this is one crucial measure to discourage the youth from taking drugs.

“This is important as the opening of classes is approaching. I think Ateneo will be implementing a random drug test among its students,” Tesiorna said. “I had a talk with them, I think, four months ago.”

Tesiorna said the school inquired about the legality and he explained that as long as it’s included in the student handbook, they can implement the random drug test.

“Also, they are trying to inquire on the expenses. As provided by law, the government should shoulder the expenses but the budget is not enough. As per agreement, the Ateneo is willing to shoulder the expenses for the random drug test,” he added.

He said they are urging the schools to conduct random drug testing among their students but it’s still the call of the administrators.

“I am encouraging other schools because we know that (drug use) is rampant, although it’s a small percentage, but we need to prevent it,” he added.


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