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PDEA XI agents to monitor Kadayawan parties, events

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) XI is closely monitoring the entry of party drugs that might be distributed in events and concerts during the Kadayawan festival.

Antonio E. Rivera, PDEA regional director, said that while there are no recent reports of the entry of these addictive substances, they are instituting preemptive measures to prevent drug traffickers from taking advantage of the festival.

Party drugs refer to MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy, as well as Magic Mushrooms and LSD, which trigger psychedelic effects to the user.

“What is difficult now is they have what we call liquid ecstasy that might be put in the bottle of mineral water,” Rivera added.

In an interview with reporters yesterday at his office, he said they are always coordinating with the different law enforcement agencies to enhance intelligence sharing, conduct checkpoints, and implement anti-drug operations, if necessary.

He said all the events and parties in the city will be strictly monitored.

“We have been sending agents in the area because we don’t know that during the party or concert, they will be using (party drugs),” Rivera said.

“That is why I’m looking into what is the trend because this is my first Kadayawan as a PDEA XI director,” he said.

Rivera hoped that the presence of a PDEA agents will serve as a deterrent for drug traffickers to leave the parties alone. He also said that his agents are trained to spot people who are high on drugs.


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