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Oil spill

  • 30 liters of sludge recovered at Davao Gulf 


THE COAST Guard District Southeastern Mindanao and Special Operations Unit cleaned up the oil spill at Km. 11, Davsam Port, on Tuesday evening, Jan. 2.

The Coast Guard’s Marine Environmental Protection Force (MEPForce) received a phone call around 7:50 p.m. from the unit’s deputy commander who relayed a potential ecological disaster.

Immediately, personnel of the MEPForce-SEM, along with teams from CGS Davao, CGSS, and SOU-SEM, headed to ground zero to verify the situation.

The different agencies confirmed that sludge oil already started to spread to an estimated 200 cubic meters of the affected area. the response team used an absorbent boom and absorbent pads to contain the impact.

According to the report, at least 30 liters of oil were recovered after the clean-up operations. The team has yet to verify the source of the spill as of press time.


Photo courtesy of Coast Guard Davao


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