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No snitch

  • Duterte refuses to disclose Quiboloy’s location despite knowing hideaway


FORMER President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he knows the whereabouts of his friend, Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) leader Apollo Quiboloy, who is wanted on charges of sexual and child abuse, as well as human trafficking. 

However, Duterte refused to disclose the location, stating it was a “secret.”

“If the question is, ‘Where is the pastor?’ I know where, but it’s a secret,” Duterte, who is currently managing Quiboloy’s properties, made the statement during a press conference in Tacloban City. 

He also confirmed that Quiboloy has no intention of surrendering to authorities. “He does not want to surrender. So, don’t surrender,” he added.

The statement comes amid ongoing efforts by the Police Regional Office XI to locate and apprehend Quiboloy, according to spokesperson Major Catherine Dela Rey. 

Despite standing arrest warrants, Quiboloy has publicly vowed to resist arrest, citing American pressure on the Marcos administration to persecute him.

Duterte’s association with Quiboloy, who served as his spiritual adviser during his presidency, has been a subject of scrutiny. 

In a recent social media video, Duterte acknowledged their close friendship but denied harboring the fugitive religious leader.

The KOJC announced Duterte’s appointment as administrator of Quiboloy’s properties following a police raid on the compound. Both Duterte and the KOJC condemned the operation, claiming excessive force and property damage.


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