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Mom in her kitchen. See what’s cooking, too!




Letlet Salvador

IN THE kitchen, recipes are passed to the next generation. The heir is always that wide-eyed kid watching in awe of how fast mom can whip up a family favorite, a recipe she inherited herself from grandma.

There are secrets mom will pass on to the heir— a secret ingredient, an unknown process and the most basic rule: a well-organized kitchen. Everything should be in its place and within easy reach, it speeds up the preparation.

As secrets are passed on from one generation to the next, the kitchen keeps evolving. Today, the busiest room in the home is filled with gadgets that make the task of cooking easier and more convenient for the user: digital appliances, multi-function machines, and space saving storage system, in which the golden rule of “everything should be in its place” can be kept as sacred as the well-guarded recipes.

Jessa Sisi

“Kitchen cabinets today are highly-efficient. A drawer or a cabinet door can be opened with little to no effort at all. It can be designed to accommodate what the user requires, and with the right accessories, multiply the storage space. There are no deep crevices and hard to reach corners anymore. Every inch of precious space can be utilized and accessed with ease,” shared Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs, a homegrown company specializing in customized modular cabinets.

Although Merlgen can suggest a tried-and-tested kitchen design, the chef is king (most often it’s mom). Space assignment and organization will adjust to how the user can perform tasks efficiently. Merlgen will create the mom-chef’s comfort zone.

Mom Letlet Salvador nurtured her food businesses, Leandro’s Catering and Happy Home, to success. A weighty volume of tried-and-tested home cooking-style recipes —with no scrimping on quality ingredients— is the source of the menus.

Her kitchen at home should be able to whip up dishes for the big family with varied cuisine request. As she can pull recipes easily form her book, so should be with the ingredients.

“I have no secret. Organization and easy access are important to anyone who cooks. I prefer wide drawers and cabinets. The most used cooking implements are the closest to the prep table and cooking area. These occupies the top drawers with the lesser used cookware on the lower cabinets. These are segregated according to use and material, like wood, metal and silicon. ”

Since she has to be ready to cook according to request, she must be ready with her ingredients.

Boo Maramba

“I have separate cabinets for ingredients, one for wet and one for dry. In each cabinet, I compartmentalize ingredients according to cuisine- Japanese, Spanish, etc. The Filipino has the largest compartment and the most accessible because these are used most.”

Baker-turned-office mom Booboo Maramba say’s keeping her kitchen area organized means she maximizes her now-limited time at home. Efficiency is key.

“I gave up baking as a business for office work, but I do bake for the family. I still manage my home kitchen the same way I know best. Organization, accessibility and proximity are necessary. I like the kitchen clear of everything that’s why I have lots of cabinets to store the gadgets, dinnerware and utensils. I take it out whenever I need it. The most essential stuff are within reach and these are in the top drawer, perishables are in one cabinet, another for big containers, which are stored in big, low cabinets.”

Working mom Jessa Sisi says,”I have a small kitchen but I make it work for me.”

The cabinets were designed to maximize the small kitchen space. In it she was able to assign spaces for cookware, utensils and an area where she can prepare a meal for four. Practicality is what makes her kitchen sleek, neat and manageable.

“Through the years, I have managed to create a workable and efficient kitchen, small it may be. Everything in it is constantly used. I see no need to buy extra pots and pans just because I like them, I only keep what I need. It’s like mastering minimalism— having what is useful and maximizing its use.”

Lena Benedicto

Having built several successful food businesses, Lena Benedicto of the Golden Brown chain of Restaurants, have suggestions on kitchen design for a smooth work flow. But at home her design rules. She has a specific way to arrange her kitchen with maximized space for storage space.

“I want everything in its place and must be accessible. Prep area has overhead cabinets to store dry and bottled seasoning and canned goods separately. All appliances are in one big cabinet.”

Cooking is on an island counter with cabinets under the range to hold all sorts of pots and pans.

To each her own and whatever the style is, moms always make kitchen tasks quick and easy. On how to organize and run a kitchen, truly they know best. Let Merlgen Euro Designs be a part of mom’s kitchen legacy.


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