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Mandaya educators aided in teaching using mother tongue

Educators from the Mandaya tribe were able to benefit from the Mandaya grammar-writing workshop organized by UP Mindanao’s Department of Social Sciences.

The workshop is part the school’s community service to teach Mandaya educators create instructional materials to promote mother tongue-based multi-lingual education for kinder to grade 3 learners.

“This workshop is historic for being the first grammar-writing workshop for the Mandaya language,” Dr. Ricardo Nolasco of the UP Department of Linguistics said.

“We need this workshop to develop the academic language for math and science. I’m glad that the participants are involved in making the workshop output, which is a working spelling system and a working grammar,” he elaborated.

Participants were also taught the Bloom software application since the participants were asked to present their instructional materials containing samples of Mandaya language spelling and grammar.

The workshop was supported by the UP Academic Program Improvement Fund.


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