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LTFRB XI will retrain angry drivers to prevent road rage

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will continue retraining public utility drivers to avoid road rage.
LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra told TIMES that the Drivers Academy Program will have several modules to equip trainees with the right knowledge to become responsible drivers on the road.
Since the start of the program in 2017, Delgra said, “We already trained a lot of drivers, close to 200,000 drivers all over the country as of December last year.”
“When we look at driver’s training modules, we do not only look at their skills but they also have to look at their responsibility as public utility drivers,” Delgra said.
Delgra said that part of the module in DAP is the anger management modules.
“Among the modules that we put in place, aside from looking at traffic rules and regulations, is the module on anger management. Sometimes, vehicular incidents are caused by disputes of angry drivers,” he said.
Training driver’s attitude towards passengers is also part of the program.
“Also, their attitude and character as public utility drivers (is what we look at). We have been reiterating this for so long that when you hold the steering wheel, you also hold the lives of the passengers,” Delgra emphasized.
Apart from looking at the attitude of drivers, Delgra also amplified the campaign of the present administration against illegal drugs.
“The President told us to also look at drivers who may be involved in drugs. That is the reason why drivers covered in a franchise needs to undergo drug testing, he said.


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