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Leave or die

  • Mayor Baste declares war on drugs, threatens to kill perpetrators


MAYOR Sebastian Duterte followed the example of his father, former president Rodrigo Duterte as he declared war against the drug users and dealers and warned them to get out of the city immediately. 

During his message at the turnover ceremony for the incoming city police director at Camp Capt Leonor Domingo on Friday, Duterte issued the stern warning after noting the rising number of drug-related cases.

He emphasized the need for the incoming Davao City Police Office director, Col. Richard Bad-ang, to intensify the intelligence efforts and anti-drug operations and clear the communities of criminals. 

The mayor also urged barangay captains to organize their communities and help the police in the fight against drugs.

Kung di mo muhawa di mo muondang patyon tamo. Dili ka afford madaot ang family, community tungod lang ana for your selfish venture. Gusto lang ka mudato kay mamaligya ka ug droga imong dauton ang laing tao tungod saimong... because of your greediness (If you don’t leave, I will kill you. We can’t afford our families to be destroyed for your selfish venture. You just want to enrich yourself by selling drugs and destroying other people),” he said.

He said he has been receiving a lot of complaints from barangay captains about the proliferation of illegal drugs in their respective communities. 

“We cannot close our borders, it’s not that easy that you’ll tighten unless you have your own sovereign state,” he added.

When asked for the deadline of his ultimatum, he told reporters, “Ugma dayon panghipos namo sainyong mga gamit panghawa namo (Pack your things and leave tomorrow).”

In a separate interview at the sidelines of the ceremony, Col. Bad-ang emphasized that they are targeting big-time suppliers and smugglers to plug the supply.  Apart from intensified checkpoints, they will continue to work with barangay leaders and intelligence personnel to identify and arrest the perpetrators. 

Also, Bad-ang assured that all operations will be conducted within the bounds of the law.


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