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Last Bagobo-Klata textile weaver cited for art revival

THE CITY Council passed a resolution commending Appu Rita Agon, the last Bagobo-Klata textile weaver, for her noteworthy contribution to weaving using a textile authentic to the tribe.

Authored by Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre, tourism and beautification committee chairperson, the resolution was passed under suspended rules during the 32nd regular session on Aug. 29.

Given the practice of weaving is a huge part of the tribe’s culture, Alejandre acknowledged that Appu Rita Agon is instrumental in “upholding the cultural identity” of one of the tribes in the city.

“It is but proper to give her recognition, especially that as of the moment, Appu Rita Agon is already of old age and sickly,” Alejandre said in his resolution.

He added that through Appu Rita’s knowledge and skills, “she was able to teach many Bagobo Klata women weavers in order to revive their lost art.”

Despite her declining years, Appu Rita Agon is personally training the women of Baguio District, through the El’Lom Association, to resurrect the fading culture and pass it to the next generation.

Just recently, the newly crowned Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2023, Kristine Claire Tar from Bagobo-Klata Tribe advocates for cultural sustainability specifically generating more interest in weaving and has dedicated her victory to the oldest  Bagobo weaver.


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