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Lack of discipline blamed for garbage problems

The Ancillary Services Unit (ASU) reported that it collects about 3.5 cubic meters of mud and other forms of garbage in its daily declogging operations on canals.

Paul Previldo Bermejo, said about a third of the volume is soil and the rest are waste from households.

Bermejo said his team usually covers a longer area if “we are supported by the City Engineer’s Office. They provide dump trucks and backhoes.”

He blamed the lack of discipline among the residents on proper waste management even as the city government has embarked on massive information campaign to educate them.

He said that the lack of discipline on the part of the residents was evident when the group of Dr. Darrell Blatchley, an environmentalist, and the ASU and the CEO, which were helping the latter, were able to collect huge volumes of garbage during a three-day activity.

Bermejo said village officials should learn from the result of the activity and must do their part in educating their respective communities.

“They should convince people to cooperate and not just rely on the efforts of the government to clean their own garbage. Darrell already did it so I hope everyone will now participate,” he said.


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